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M82 Barret .50 Cal Sniper Rifle

On to Iraq...Not First Class Roe and Me At Our Wall The Back of the Wall The New Home...No Wheels
My Sweet Bed 3 Mortars Out, 1 Coming In Hell Has Frozen Over Learning Is Good
Sgt B. With the Kids Crazy P and Sgt Willig Don't Mess with Cpl Shrek and Foley Roe, Me and Gabriel
Iraqi Graffiti Working Hard Flare Supply Handing Out School Supplies
Teaching The Peace Sign Rainbow in Mohammed Sakran Is That An IED? Chi Time
Foot Patrol In Jedidah In The Watch Tower Bin Pharteen Ruiz and Me
Iraqi Midgets Cows Nighttime Driving Ahhh Cots...
This is my life, for now A Little Sandstorm M82 Barret .50 Cal Sniper Rifle M14 Sniper Rifle
Khan Bani Sa'd Foot Patrol at the Prison Iraqi Radio Training
More Training And Some More Training Signing Up New IPs Me
It's OK Everything is

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